The avarca is a favourite summer sandal among Spanish men, popular for its combination of comfort, functionality and attractive style.

Avarcas have been worn on the Spanish island of Menorca for hundreds of years, after originating as a sandal worn by the island's farmers. The traditional Menorcan sandals continue to be popular among men throughout Spain. The sandals versatility means they are seen everywhere from the beach to cafes, shopping strips to barbecues

Made from 100% natural materials - your feet will love the way they feel (and breathe) as much as you love the way they look.

Artisan Shoes' Avarcas are available in leather in a limited range of blokish colours for men.

Still sceptical that they are just for European men? Wear them three times and you'll be recommending them to your friends. They are that good - I promise.

Sizing & Leather:
As the sandals are genuine leather they will soften and shape to your feet. So you do want a firm fit to begin.

Men's classic flat avarcas - black leather

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