Avarcas make great childrens sandals. With their combination of comfort, hard-wearing functionality and smart looks - the children's avarcas are great everyday summer sandals.

The childrens avarcas - which are available with either a velcro strap or a buckle - make ideal school sandals for boys and girls. The buckle version look smart and are ideal for primary age children. The extra heel support (over the velro strap sandal) makes them more durable and hardy like roman sandals.

The range of bright colors - including pink, fuschia, orange and pistachio - also make them smart shoes for little girls who want to dress up like mum.

Made from 100% natural materials - available in leather and nubuck - parents can relax knowing their childrens feet are being looked after.

Sizing & Leather:
As the sandals are made from genuine leather they will soften and give to the shape of your feet. Accordingly you do want the sandals to be a firm fit to start with.

Children's buckle - fuchsia nubuck

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